Utility Tokens With Real-world Usage

EWO token is the utility token of EWO place. EWO place is a platform created to demonetize real estate and reconnect people with a place where they could live without mortgages and crazy rent fees. EWO place’s vision is to bring communities back to life by cancelling rents.

Timicoin was created to provide a blockchain solution for securing healthcare data in a health information exchange (HIE). It is a utility token of the TimiHealth platform. This system will provide consistent and real-time delivery of patient records. After patient authorization, it can only be accessed via a smart contract.

3. BASIC ATTENTION TOKEN (BAT) Basic Attention Token (BAT) aims to use blockchain technology to improve digital advertising security, fairness, and efficiency. The aim is to create a blockchain platform that would assist content creators of all kinds in discovering more equitable ways to earn money. BAT is first and primarily utilized as a form of payment for content creators and publishers. It’s made to be shared across users, advertisers, and publishers.

4. GLM GLM is Golem Network native currency. Golem network is a flexible, open-source platform enabling democratized digital resource access. Golem is poised to become a crucial building piece for future Internet service providers and software development by enabling decentralized microservices and asynchronous job execution.

Read before you invest, we are not financiall advisor

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